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Boundary Traversal Of Binary Tree EASY

Perform boundary trversal on a given binary tree.

Binary Tree Recursion
Deletion In Binary Search Tree MEDIUM

Delete a node from BST (Binary Search Tree) such that the resultant tree is also a BST.

Binary Tree Recursion
Detect And Remove Loop From A Linked List MEDIUM

Given a linked list, check if it has a loop. If yes, remove the loop.

Linked List
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Time Difference Problem MEDIUM

Given two time values, generate the time difference string.

Misc String
Connect Siblings In Binary Tree MEDIUM

Given a binary tree, connect the sibling nodes at each level.

Binary Tree Queue
Construct Binary Tree From Its PreOrder And InOrder MEDIUM

Given pre-order & in-order traversal of a binary tree, construct the tree.

Binary Tree Recursion
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Print Cousins In Binary Tree MEDIUM

Given a binary tree, print the cousins of the given node.

Binary Tree Recursion
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Largest K Integers From Stream Of Integers HARD

Given a stream of integers, find the largest K integers.

Heap Sorting
Enhanced 01 Knapsack Problem HARD

Given a budget amount B, calculate the maximum skill possible among employees with given skill and salary.

Dynamic Programming Graph Collection
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