Coding Questions with difficulty as Medium

Deletion In Binary Search Tree MEDIUM

Delete a node from BST (Binary Search Tree) such that the resultant tree is also a BST.

Binary Tree Recursion
Detect And Remove Loop From A Linked List MEDIUM

Given a linked list, check if it has a loop. If yes, remove the loop.

Linked List
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Longest Subarray With Zero Sum MEDIUM

Given an array of integers, find the length of the longest subarray whose sum is 0.

Array Binary Search
Time Difference Problem MEDIUM

Given two time values, generate the time difference string.

Misc String
Connect Siblings In Binary Tree MEDIUM

Given a binary tree, connect the sibling nodes at each level.

Binary Tree Queue
Construct Binary Tree From Its PreOrder And InOrder MEDIUM

Given pre-order & in-order traversal of a binary tree, construct the tree.

Binary Tree Recursion
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Print Cousins In Binary Tree MEDIUM

Given a binary tree, print the cousins of the given node.

Binary Tree Recursion
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Search In A Rotated Sorted Array MEDIUM

Given a sorted array of integers rotated k times, check if given key is present in it?

Array Binary Search
Pair That Adds Up To Given Number MEDIUM

Given an array of integers and a sum, find a pair that adds up to the sum given.


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